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“A true comrade has different sight
but the same vision.”

{basic info}
NAME. Mikleo
TRUE NAME. Luzrov Rulay
MEANING. "Mikleo the Enforcer"
AGE. 18
HEIGHT. 5'5"
HAIR. Silver with blue tips
EYES. Lavender

SHIP. SS Huntress
AUGMENT. Lab Support


“A true comrade has different sight
but the same vision.”

From the game:
"Mikleo is adept at fighting with the staff in close combat. He also has martial artes that fire water projectiles, and from medium range he can easily combo into low-level seraphic artes.

Due to his high arte defense, he has an advantage over enemies that primarily use artes. He's also skilled with healing artes."

"Artes" in the Zestiria world refer to specific techniques, typically for fighting, but not always. Martial artes are literally just martial arts, and seraphic artes are elemental magic. Seraphic artes require a casting incantation and are generally assisted by hand or weapon gestures, and are for attacking at a distance.

Here is a list of Mikleo's artes. (WIP)

As a water seraph, Mikleo also has power over that particular element- this includes both water and ice. He is young for a seraph and still learning, but he still has 18 years of experience, so he does have considerable skill. He specializes in healing and quickly shifting from long-to-close range attacks, and he works best when he has a partner to watch his back and keep him motivated.

Seraphim have the power to infuse their mana into objects, which serves two purposes: one, to link the objects to themselves, giving them the power to dismiss or summon them at will, and two, so the objects will be as invisible as they are. This helps avoid people without resonance from seeing clothes or items floating around willy-nilly. He usually won't infuse objects he doesn't intend to keep.

“A true comrade has different sight
but the same vision.”

The game history wikia is here. Mikleo's canon point is just after collecting all of the Earthen Historia, prior to meeting with Mayvin in Lohgrin.

Mikleo grew up in Elysia, a small, secluded village inhabited by seraphim and Sorey, the only human who can see them. He and Sorey were raised together from infancy by the village elder, Zenrus, whom they consider to be a father/grandfather. The village itself is protected by Zenrus, who has blessed the forest outside of town to make it near-impossible to navigate to their town, thus protecting it from invaders.

In Elysia, life was peaceful, and Mikleo spent his days reading books, listening to stories about the world, and exploring ruins with Sorey to learn as much history as possible. This changed when, while checking out a nearby ruin, they found the human Alisha inside. Sorey brought her back to town, but she was unable to see any seraphim and assumed he lived alone. After she left, encouraging Sorey to visit her hometown for a festival later, a monster known as a hellion (a name given to creatures or objects consumed and altered by malevolence) attacked the village, and it had been so long since hellions breached their territory that Zenrus allowed Sorey and Mikleo to leave town so they could determine the state of the world.

They encountered more hellions outside, and discovered that the world's state was actually pretty terrible. In order to properly fight the hellions, Sorey pledged himself to the seraph Lailah, and became the Shepherd, who is basically a warrior who bridges the gap between human and seraphim and can purify hellions. Eventually Mikleo became sub lord to Lailah to gain the power of purification as well, surrendering his freedom so he could help Sorey on his journey. Since then, they've been traveling around the world, exploring ruins, learning the history of the Shepherds, and cleansing each territory of malevolence.


Mikleo was born in Camlann, the Origin Village; he was the human son of Muse, and nephew to the previous Shepherd, Michael. His father is unknown and never shown in canon. Life was uneventful until one day the village was forcibly occupied by General Heldalf of the Rolance Empire and his troops. Despite Michael's protests, the army refused to leave, as Camlann was a tactically advantageous location, and tensions were rising between Rolance and the nearby country of Hyland. Eventually, Hyland troops stormed the town, and instead of fighting them off, Heldalf abandoned the town to be slaughtered by the enemy they had aggro'd.

Michael, devastated by the senseless death and destruction, fled to the shrine of Maotelus, hoping to at least save his family. He arrived just in time to save Mikleo from a fire, but the infant was horribly burned, and that was the last straw for Michael. Instead of fleeing with Muse and her child, he sacrificed Mikleo on the shrine's altar in order to curse Heldalf with eternal misery. From then on, Heldalf would lose his entire family, as well as his ability to die, and eventually become the Lord of Calamity. Maotelus, meanwhile, was corrupted by malevolence.

A grief-stricken Muse carried her child to where Zenrus and two other seraphim - who came down from Elysia to see what was happening to Camlann - were rescuing a prematurely-born infant human whose mother had just died. Muse gave Mikleo to Zenrus, and she then became a seal to keep the malevolence that had developed in Camlann from escaping into the world. (She failed, but it's the thought that counts.) Mikleo, who was reborn as a seraph, and the newborn human, Sorey, were taken back to Elysia, as Zenrus intended to raise them in the hope that they would become Shepherd and Sub lord one day.

Mikleo has no memories of these events at this time- when a deceased human is reborn as a seraph, they lose their human memories. (Also, he was a baby, what the heck was he supposed to remember?)

“A true comrade has different sight
but the same vision.”



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